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Ironing Beads

Scroll through our catalogue & simply click on your chosen category (download pdf) – create coasters, key rings, fridge magnets, photo frames, jewellery & more!

Pop Culture – Comics, Cosplay, Science Fiction & Fantasy

Sharing images sourced on social media made using the product in the pop culture line focusing mainly on comic books, cosplay, science fiction & fantasy from film & TV and other popular arts.

Our Pick of the
Week Photo

Once a week, we select an image off social media, showing what the product can do – you will not believe what you can make with Ironing Beads!

Our Youtube

We regularly post youtube Tutorials showcasing what the product can do step by step – showing one how to make 3D creations & bowls, phone cases, stationery holders & more!

Our Amazing
Achievement Photos

We regularly post photos submitted showing amazing creations proudly displayed by their incredible
proud creators from young
to old!